My RIde

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What We Do:

My Ride, LLC provides a viable alternative to the number one reason people make the bad decision to drink and drive - leaving their car behind.

Had one too many? Need your car in the morning? Don't drink and drive. Call My Ride, LLC and leave the driving to us.

How It Works:

We have fold-able scooters that fit in your trunk!
One of our fully insured drivers will arrive to pick you up on our fold-able scooters, we place the scooter in the trunk of your car in a clean safe bag. We drive you home in your car and leave on our scooter to the next reservation. You are home without the worry of having to get your car the next morning... or even worse, a DUI.

Give us a call at 320-339-8090 and you and your passengers have a safe, worry-free ride home in your own vehicle.

About My Ride

We started the service because we believed there needed to be a better option for people. Unreliable cabs and expensive chauffeur driven vehicles do not work for everybody. We enjoyed our night out a week but needed our car in the morning so we could continue our kid driven lives. While we believed the service to be important for every community to offer, we also believed that it needed to be profitable. Charity services are important, but are not the best option for supporting entertaining lifestyles. So we have been driven by the idea of improving the safety of our community’s streets and highways but also by building a successful company.


Less than a round trip taxi, and always cheaper than a DUI. My Ride aims to provide a affordable solution and with a safe ride home.

Our basic rate is $10 pickup, plus $3 per mile. Check out our pricing page for more info and current promotions!

Pickup Per Mile
Regular Pricing $10 $3
Out of Zone Pricing $20 $3
  • Dispatcher will make you aware when you call in.

  • For out of area rides please call well in advance so we can accommodate in a timely manner.

As My Ride Zones, these locations enjoy:

  • Member rates offered to any patron departing from that location.

Find out how your restaurant or bar can become a member of My Ride.

My Ride Insurance Details

My Ride Transportation has taken great care to ensure that our services can be delivered to you with your utmost in confidence and assurance. You're out on the town to enjoy yourself and it is our job to take care of getting you, your friends and your vehicle home safe.

How do we do it?

Of course we start by hiring the best and most professional staff in the industry, but that is just the beginning. When it comes to liability, we cover both you and your vehicle.  Here's the details:

Commercial Automobile Coverage:

  • $1,000,000 - Hired/Non-Owned Automobile Liability

Commercial General Liability:

  • $1,000,000 - Each Occurrence - Bodily Injury & Property Damage

  • $1,000,000 - Personal & Advertising Injury Limit

  • $2,000,000 - General Aggregate

  • $2,000,000 - Products - Completed Operations Aggregate

  • $5,000,000 - Global General Aggregate

Frequently asked Questions:

How far can you take us on those scooters?  

A common misconception with My Ride is that we can only drive you as far as our guys can ride back on the motorbike.  On longer rides, we utilize an interceptor vehicle and pick up our driver on longer rides or from suspect areas.  We have no limit on where we will take you.  Need to go to California?  My Ride can drive you there.  (Please call for pricing and reservation.)

Are the drivers safe riding those scooters?

Another common misconception.  My Ride has a stellar safety record, both with our customer's cars and riding the motorbikes.  Riding a scooter at night is actually much safer than riding one during the day, mainly due to the significant drop in traffic volume during our service hours.  We also train our drivers to be extremely careful and smart.  We use tactics like pulling on the sidewalk to let faster drivers go by, and our drivers stay on back streets whenever possible.  With that said, our drivers understand the inherent risk of riding a motorbike going in, but assume that risk so they can get YOU home safe.  They appreciate your gratuities for assuming that risk.

How long does it take for my My Ride driver to arrive?  

My Ride prides itself on timeliness.  To make sure of your place in the queue, we recommend you call 30-40 minutes before you want your driver to arrive.

Do you take reservations?

Rarely.  We stay away from reservations because we have found patrons are RARELY ready to leave at their reserved time.   We do take reservations from regular customers from time to time.

Are you insured to drive my car?

We are fully insured.  Our clients do assume the primary insurance risk through their occasional driver clauses with their insurance.  Every client must sign a Customer Service Contract before service.  For added protection for our clients, we carry a Commercial Auto policy (up to $80,000) to cover any damages to your car.  All My Ride drivers carry personal auto insurance and My Ride does carry a general liability policy.

Can I hire a My Ride driver hourly?

Sure.  We require a 2 hour minimum at $40/hour.  It’s like having your own personal chauffeur.

Are you hiring?

Yes,  please contact 

Can you drive my car home without me in it?

Yes.  In fact, we provide this service to our regulars quite often.  Our drivers can perform special tasks for you as well, such as feeding your pets if you are not going to make it home.  Really.

Can I join My Ride?

Yes.  You are able to set an "account" with us.   Please email us at or contact us at. ____________

Will the scooter leak gas in my car?  

No.  The Scooter is specially designed with a fuel cut off system.  We also take the extra precaution of placing it upright in your trunk with bungee chords.  We take special care to keep your car in the same condition it was when we arrived. 

Can we hire My Ride for special events?  Weddings? Corporate events?  Parties?

Yes.  Our rates of $50/hr per driver apply.

8 Great Questions

1. How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

We encourage our customers to make reservations as early as possible. Most of our customers make reservations the same day they are going out.   If you choose to make your reservation online, you can call us as the night progresses if you need to change the time or location of the pick-up.

2. What if I need to change the time or location of pick-up/delivery or cancel my reservation?

If you decide to change the time or location of your reservation or cancel your reservation, please give us a call at, or email us at with the details at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up.

4. How many passengers can My Ride transport?

We will allow as many passengers as can legally fit into the vehicle.

5. Will My Ride make multiple destination trips?

Yes, My Ride will make multiple destination trips. The fare are will be quoted based on total mileage of the trip.

6. Are your drivers qualified?

All of our drivers are required to have valid auto insurance and pass driving-record checks before they join our team.

7. Is gratuity included in my quoted fare?

No, the gratuity is not included in the quoted fare.

8. How far will My Ride transport a customer?

We will drive our customers to any distance within reason. An additional charge will be added to trips with destinations outside of our standard service area.

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My Ride partners with restaurants, bars and other social locales throughout the St. Cloud area and is available in to anyone in the St. Cloud and surrounding communities, so please ask your us by name if you want the safest, most efficient way home. Use the form below to contact us via email or call 320-339-8090 and book your ride now!